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Come see us on Saturdays at the Cobblestone Farmers Market at 1007 Marshall Street in Winston-Salem. Dates will be added once I have them!  Hours: 8:30-12. Look for the Purple Tent!

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Small Batch



5 Count Bags - $9.00

Klim's Small Batch Caramels

Whiskey Caramels with Sea Salt

100% Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract with Notes of Bourbon

Enjoy The Moment

Create a new tradition with your friends and family by adding Klim's Small Batch Caramels to your special moments. Shop now from 6 unique varieties of caramel, perfect for any palette and any occasion! Bulk purchasing options are available for special occasions such as rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and other special events.

3% of each sale will be donated to the Epilepsy Alliance of North Carolina. Your purchase will make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from epilepsy.

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Lynne (Klim)Sciole'

By profession I'm an accountant...boring to some people but I love what I do and find it interesting. I also have a creative side and a passion for experimenting with food...sweets in particular; I have a wicked sweet tooth! 


My upbringing (and my nature) instilled in me the importance of balance in hard, be active, be creative, find time to have fun, embrace loved ones and detours in life, eat healthy and make your food from scratch with quality ingredients. My rearing, my wiring and my experiences have taken me down the path of creating various caramel recipes which included research to find the highest quality ingredients to use in the caramels. The caramels were originally part of goodie packages that I made for small businesses in the Winston Salem, NC area years ago prior to moving to Connecticut. We moved to Connecticut in 2010 and my kitchen fun was put on hold until returning to North Carolina in 2019, at which point I decided to start playing with my caramels again and created a small batch caramel business in Lewisville, NC.


The quality of ingredients is what makes a product special, and this is why I use grass-fed butter, award winning chocolates

(International Chocolate Award winners), unrefined and/or organic ingredients and local bourbon in my caramels. I hope you'll give them a try!


Have a caramel and Enjoy the Moment!





Lynne (Klim) Sciole'

curated ingredients

Dairy: Grassfed and/or organic.

Sugars: Organic and unrefined.

Vanilla: Organic vanilla extract.

Chocolate:  Organic, and London International Chocolate Award winner (70% cacao content or more).

Bourbon & Whiskey: Brewed and distilled locally (Winston Salem, NC)

Coffee: Organic and local (Raleigh, NC)



M.F. - Michigan

OMG! Absolutely amazing!


The caramels are amazing! Will keep them in mind for gifts.

B.F. - North Carolina

You can tell in an instant that Klim’s Caramels are made by hand and with lots of heart – buttery, mouthwatering, chewy & creamy at the same time. I’ve given them as gifts and I love to keep a box in the fridge for a daily reward.

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